FeatherStone Ridge Dental Clinic

Utah State Developmental Center

We are happy to announce, after a long journey, the USDC Dental Clinic is now available for those who receive DSPD services living in community group homes or in private homes. A special thank you to Dr. Dean Robinson for being so vigilant and determined to achieve getting this program started and the Legislation for allowing us to begin. Featherstone Ridge Dental is excited to begin this new venture in aiding those who have been unable to receive dental care in the past.

Dental research surveys over the last 15 years have revealed that access to quality dental care is one of the greatest needs for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities in our Nation and in the State of Utah. The Featherstone Ridge Dental Clinic was organized to improve the quality of dental care for individuals with disabilities who otherwise could not find dental care.

The mission and overall objective of the Featherstone Ridge Dental Clinic is to provide dental care for those who qualify. Featherstone Ridge Dental Clinic will provide comprehensive dental care to those individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities from the community who are not able to access quality dental care elsewhere.

The Featherstone Ridge Dental Clinic, by providing supplemental funding, will help make it possible to accomplish its goals and objectives and become a viable and valuable resource center of excellence in the field of dentistry for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities in the state of Utah. Cost of care will come from legislative money and patients nor providers will be charged for these valuable services.

  • Oral Examination, Oral Diagnosis and Treatment Planning

  • Digital Radiography (low dose x-rays)

  • Preventive/Non-surgical Periodontal Care (professional cleanings) and Restorative Dentistry (alloy and resin fillings)

  • Limited Fixed Prosthodontics (crown and bridge)

  • Limited Endodontic Services (premolar and anterior root canal treatment)

  • Limited Periodontal Surgical Services (gingivoplasty)

  • Oral Surgery (extractions, soft tissue surgeries)

  • Off-Site Biopsy Service (oral pathology laboratory diagnostic services)

  • General Anesthesia and IV Sedation

  • Professional consultation with family members regarding patient care

  • Referral to community-based dental specialists as needed


Contact Information

We are located across from the Mount Timpanogos Temple in American Fork, Utah.

895 North 900 East, American Fork, Utah

(801) 763-4164

(801) 763-7219

Email frdp@utah.gov