Medical Services

The Utah State Developmental Center medical staff includes Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, and Physicians. The medical staff are dedicated to caring for the physical and emotional well-being of the individuals residing at USDC.

Benefits Include

  • Each individual receives a quarterly medical evaluation as well as a comprehensive annual evaluation.
  • Specialists in Psychiatry, Neurology, Ophthalmology and Podiatry conduct clinics on site. Dental services, dietetic services, Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy are also available on site.

Speech Services

We use current best practices and the latest communication technology to help individuals express basic needs, wants and ideas using the most efficient and effective communication. Speech therapy, sign language, augmentative communication devices, auditory processing and other communication skills are personalized for residents.

Benefits Include

  • Create and achieve speech and communication goals
  • Individual and group settings
  • Annual hearing screening
  • Evaluation and treatment of swallowing disorders by the Speech-Language Pathologist
  • Services from a Licensed Speech-Language Pathologist or Speech Technician

Employment First

We support individuals with disabilities in obtaining competitive, integrated employment through professional vocational counseling and guidance.  Our team of Employment Specialists break down unique barriers to help achieve successful employment in the community.

Benefits Include


Individuals in these services receive support from many professions including: Psychology, Medical, Social Work, Music, Recreation, Physical and Occupational Therapies.


Individuals participate in establishing a daily schedule and choosing activities.


Once the behavioral and/or medical reasons for admission are resolved for a period of time confirming stabilization, the individual’s professional team pursue discharge to the program the individual was admitted from, or to another program outside USDC.

Hand holding letters spelling work

Day Program Services

The Utah State Developmental Center supports the philosophy that all people have a right to have meaningful work and/or other activities in their lives. The Day Program Services Department provides work and training opportunities both on and off campus that help the individuals who reside here feel important, and help them be a contributing member of society.

Benefits Include

  • Training opportunities for people with disabilities are increased through the provision of support services, assistive technology and environmental adaptations.
  • Most individuals that live at the center earn a paycheck. Wages are consistent with Department of Labor standards.
  • Each individual receives an opportunity to participate in an activity that they value and enjoy.

Dental Services

Individuals residing at USDC receive dental services. Most services are preventative including demonstrations and the instruction of individuals and their direct care staff in proper dental hygiene and care. USDC also has a dental clinic available to those in DSPD services.

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Nursing Services

Individuals at the USDC have nursing services available 24 hours a day. A supervising RN and a team of staff nurses are assigned to 25 to 30 individuals and provide nursing care and aide to these individuals helping them achieve and maintain their highest level of health possible.

Benefits Include

  • Daily medication administration for individuals that are unable to take their own medications.
  • Supervision of Self Medication Programs. Individuals that are evaluated can be placed on a self-medication program that is designed to increase their independence.
  • A licensed nurse accompanies individuals weekly to medical appointments both at the facility and off-site medical centers.

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapists are available on site to evaluate individuals. An initial evaluation is ordered by the medical staff and performed by the Physical Therapists.

Once a recommendation is approved, the Physical Therapist provide or supervise physical therapy. The Physical Therapist evaluate the need for wheel chairs and assistive devices and make appropriate recommendations to facilitate the care and daily activities of individuals.


Recreation Services

Recreation is a form of active treatment that helps individuals improve abilities and skills through everyday tasks. Our recreation team offers a variety of activities from adaptive horseback riding, leatherwork and karaoke so individuals can choose activities that are meaningful to them. Through these activities, we aim to help individuals build self-efficacy, teach appropriate social skills, build friendships, decrease boredom and increase leisure skills.

Benefits Include

  • Improved quality of life
  • Experience more control of behavior
  • Increase independence
  • Opportunities for staff participation

Counseling Services

USDC's licensed mental health therapists provide Individuals with supportive counseling and other services that promote mental, emotional and psychological health. People with disabilities benefit from approaches and techniques which involve consistency and repetitive opportunities to learn and practice expressing and managing emotions; dealing with frustration, change and stress; and using effective relationship and problem solving skills.

Experiential and Sensory Activities

  • Help improve learning and coping
  • Stimulate, engage, and expand all levels of ability
  • Include games, creative play, music, art and movement

Benefits Include

  • Services are available on-site by licensed clinicians
  • Identify and address emotional connections to behavioral problems
  • Support for psychological needs including trauma and mental illness
  • Opportunities to learn and practice skills that build resiliency